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How Can Medical Marijuana Help You?
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Pain Management/Reduced Inflammation

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Neurological & Mental Disorders

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Better Sleep

The following is a list of qualifying medical conditions in the state of Maryland-


Anorexia nervosa, also known as anorexia, is a severe eating disorder characterized by extreme food intake restriction resulting in significant weight loss. Medical cannabis can help by stimulating appetite and increasing food intake for patients with anorexia. 


Wasting syndrome is characterized by loss of 10% of your total body weight. Fever, diarrhea, and fever are also symptoms. Typically wasting syndrome is a side effect of a chronic diseases such as HIV, congestive heart failure, tuberculosis. Medical cannabis can help with appetite stimulation, energy and mood elevation.


Glaucoma is a medical condition that effects the optic nerve and is associated with vision loss and potential blindness. Medical marijuana can help lower pressure in the eye and may be an alternative to traditional glaucoma medications.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychological condition accompanied by symptoms such as nightmares and mood changes, following exposure to a traumatic event. Medical cannabis may improve sense of well-being and other symptoms associated with PTSD.


Epilepsy is a neurological condition resulting from abnormal firing of signals in the brain, leading to seizures. Approximately 1/3 of epilepsy patients will continue to have seizures despite treatment with traditional medication. For some patients, cannabidiol (CBD) contained in medical cannabis, may help control the frequency of seizures. 

Severe Nausea

Severe nausea and/or vomiting, frequently caused by chemotherapy, can effectively be treated with medical cannabis. Oral cannabinoids may reduce or fully suppress feelings of nausea and vomiting.

Severe or Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis may be a good treatment option for patients suffering from chronic pain such as headaches, nerve pain, or joint pain. Research has shown that many patients have been able to reduce or completely stop traditional pain medications (including opiates), after initiating medical cannabis for pain relief. Prescription pain medications are highly addictive and may have unpleasant side effects. Medical cannabis is now an alternative form of treatment available to patients with chronic pain. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gastrointestinal disorder that results in abdominal cramping and alterations in bowel patterns. Medical cannabis has been shown to help control symptoms of IBS in some patients. 


Insomnia and other sleep disorders may prevent individuals from obtaining a good night's sleep. It is estimated that close to 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Medical cannabis can help individuals fall asleep more easily and prevent sleep disturbances throughout the night. 

Severe or Persistent Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are involuntary muscle movements which cause discomfort and cramping, and can occur in any part of the body. In some patients, the spasms can cause excruciating pain which can last anywhere from minutes to several days.  Muscle spasms can arise from a myriad of conditions including dehydration, pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, nerve disorders or fibromyalgia. Medical cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties which may be helpful in patients experiencing muscle spasms. 

Severe Chronic Medical Conditions

Any chronic medical condition which is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective

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